Terms of use

Basic Conditions

You must be at least 18 years of age to use iotapix.com.

Photos in the public part of your profile that show violent images, entire or partial nudity, discriminatory, illegal, offending, distasteful, pornographic or any sexual content must not be posted.

The images published and sold through iotapix.com are the property and responsibility solely of the photographer who published them. The iotapix.com platform simply provides accommodation services, publishing and transaction between photographers and their customers.

iotapix.com also offers the option to sell hard copies of the published photographs, as well as frames and other photographic material on demand.

You are responsible for the activities conducted through your account and you agree not to sell, transfer, license or pass on your account or your username to a third party.

You agree that all information you provide or have provided to iotapix.com during registration and at all time, is true, accurate, current and complete, and agree to update your information as needed to maintain its truthfulness and accuracy.

General Conditions

We reserve the right to modify or end the service or the access to it for any reason, without prior notice, at any moment and without being held responsible, additionally refuse access to the service, for whatever reason and at any moment.

We reserve the right to confiscate any username and/or subdomain for whatever reason.

Even though we're not obliged, we can delete, modify, block and/or supervise the user's content or accounts, if we determine, to our whole discretion, that they infringe these Conditions of Use.

Only one profile per user is allowed in the Starter plan. In case of detecting users with more than one profile, they will be required to unify their profiles by notifying the email accounts provided during the registration process. In case the user does not unify their profiles, we can cancel the access to them or remove them from the system.

Changes in our Conditions of Use

iotapix.com can modify or update these Conditions of Use periodically, which is why we advise you to revise them regularly. We can offer you other methods of notification of modifications or updates, deemed appropriate according to the circumstances. The continual use you make of iotapix.com after the modification of these Conditions of Use, will imply your agreement with such modification.

Current Law and Jurisdiction

These Conditions of Use are governed and interpreted in agreement with Spanish Law. In the case of any action regarding rights or equity related to the disposition of arbitrage of these Conditions of Use, of the excluded conflicts or of the renunciation on your behalf of the arbitrage agreement, you agree to resolve any conflict you have with iotapix.com exclusively in a court in the province of Barcelona (Spain) and to submit yourself to the personal jurisdiction of the court of the province of Barcelona (Spain) in order to resolve the disputes of said conflicts.